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Belated Introduction

August 31, 2010

I suppose most people might christen a new blog with some sort of background information on themselves or on the purpose or theme of their nascent blog. In retrospect, I might have liked to have done so myself, but I was busy that night. That is to say, for some reason I really needed to write Right Then, and not about the blog itself.

For most of my literate life, I’ve tended to write only in times of confusion. I might go years without setting pen to paper, then months on end stopping every few minutes to jot down every malformed observation that pops into my head. In the worst of times, I write everything down to document and catalog my every interaction with humanity in a vain attempt to gather enough data to figure out how people work. I haven’t yet succeeded there, but I’m inching closer to figuring myself out, and that feels like accomplishment enough. I have a lot of journals, mostly a bunch of half-formed thoughts in half-formed computer files and half-filled notebooks. And the occasional scrap of napkin. Collectively, they’re a meta-train-wreck, a train wreck about train wrecks, so to speak. I’m hoping that this venue will force more of my written musings to be coherent while preventing the worst of my narcissistic self-pity. And I will apologize in advance for inevitably missing that mark.

While I wish this weren’t the case, I don’t suppose this blog is likely to have a theme, or even a style, since I myself do not have those things. Topics I might write about include, but are not limited to: yoga, fear, food, cats, things I love or hate, or stupid things I’ve done, said, or witnessed. The one thing they are likely to have in common, is that they will probably relate to a situation or topic that I have overcomplicated. If not, I’m almost certain to write about them in an overcomplicated manner. That’s my way, and so I suppose that’s my theme. Why “Walking Home from Oz”? Because if I found myself in the Emerald City, I wouldn’t think to click my heels and speed on home. I’d probably just start walking. And along the way, I’d stop to write a few things down.

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