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November 15, 2011

Okay, no judgement – I’m a cat lady. I have two cats. I love them. Quite a bit. Their behavior fascinates me because really, you can glean a lot about people by getting to know animals – the psychological pathologies aren’t all that different – animals just don’t bother to hide theirs.

Lola has developed this habit of pulling Boyfriend’s socks out of the laundry and dragging them around the house while screaming. It’s quite a sight to witness, because it involves an hilariously awkward walk and a heart-rending scream all at once.  You have to laugh, but you also have to feel guilty about it.

I had assumed she was hunting the socks, because of course Boyfriend’s feet smell like dead rats. (*Actually, his feet are pretty innocuous, but she never goes for my socks, so I needed an explanation).

So last week I took Wahla in for her check-up (she’s fine). Boyfriend was at home, so I asked him to monitor Lola’s behavior and report back on how she dealt with her missing companion.

His answer: she spent an hour dragging sock after sock out of the laundry, depositing them in the living room, and screaming. The socks are her litter of dead kittens that she lost at the shelter before I adopted her! So this whole time, Boyfriend’s feet have smelled of dead kitten, not dead rat!  My bad….

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