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The Big Giant W.

November 30, 2011

Here’s the synopsis, which all of my reader already knows anyway:

  1. An ex-Ashtangi wrote an article in the New York Times Fashion and Style section about quitting (mostly) the practice to work out with a trainer.
  2. The cyberyogis ran amok.

(I skipped the step where a respected Ashtangi called out by name in said Times piece responds, because his response was really very thoughtful and non-fracas-y).

I realize the irony of the declaration I’m about to make, given that I’m contributing to the silliness, but here it is:


Whatever that someone quit practicing. Whatever that she needed something different in her life. Whatever that she found it. Whatever that we’re all offended that someone stopped liking what we’re passionate about.Whatever that she’s a size 6 now (bitch. (just kidding. (mostly.)).

Good for her that she figured out that she needed something new.  We can and will postulate about the honor behind her motivation, but given that the article was not all that cohesive, we’ll never know. Actually given that it was not that cohesive, maybe she doesn’t really know herself. Whatever.

My interest in this case is journalistic rather than yogic: why the hell was that published? It reads like a half-assed blog entry, not a reflective lifestyle piece in the goddamned Times. And I should know – I write a half-assed blog, and the Times has no need for me.




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  1. December 1, 2011 3:45 pm

    Word. It was so childish and petty. I don’t care that she quit… but like, “why you gotta be like THAT?” And why does she get to write for TNYT!? Whatev, indeed.

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