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Look What I Can Do

April 5, 2013

Because I am an overachiever, it turns out that I tore not one, but two muscle insertions in the left posterior medial thigh region – semitendinosus, and another one with a similarly ethnic sounding name. Or as I like to say to anyone who asks why I’m waddling like I’m nine and a half months pregnant, “I blew a hammy.” Technically, I blew TWO hammies, but nobody at the office wants to hear me brag.

The office Wuss (actually a dear friend and stellar co-worker, but the sort of person who could not have survived 19th century prairie life) asked why I’m still coming to work. Well, because as it turns out, a blown hamstring doesn’t have to hurt all that much. It’s sore when I sit on hard surfaces, and I can’t walk very fast or kick like a Rockette, but if I’m kind to it, it lets me forget that it’s only connected at one end. It’s an armistice I can tolerate.

By the way, if you’re a woman over 30 and already a little self conscious about the life decisions your thighs have been making, losing muscle tone on the back of one of them just before swimsuit season is not going to be a boost to the old self esteem. Luckily, as an agnostic, I don’t really observe swimsuit season, so I can get by this by simply never looking in a full length mirror.

This morning, I decided four days of mourning was enough for a fallen tendon, and it was time to figure out some practice. I discovered that I can still bend the left knee, albeit slowly and in a wobbly fashion, and I can lift the leg fully extended until the toes are almost an inch off the floor. Baby steps.

Besides a lot of very mild salabasana, I found a few other poses I could do and then called it a day. I guess I’ll continue in this fashion until PT begins next week, and then see what the therapist has in store. I’ve just spent a very long, cold winter cooped up inside, and I’ll be damned if I intend to sit this summer out!

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