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July 1, 2013

I had the loveliest Sunday. I took the drive to Toronto for a hot sweaty yoga class followed by a tasty healthy lunch in the park with a fabulous woman I met this spring while traveling. Once I’d been depleted and refreshed, I opted for a walk down Queen St for some window shopping. As inevitably happens, my shopping shifted from window to actual variety, and eventually I found myself in H&M for no reason (I swear) other than that I hadn’t any sunscreen and needed a rest from the unexpectedly clear sky.

Because there are few hells I’d rather avoid than the fitting room at a discount clothier, I don’t try things on at H&M. This is risky, because their poorly made clothes are unpredictable in fit and cut. For this reason, I’ll purchase there only if the item is of a very familiar style that I feel I can estimate well, or if it’s cheap as hell and I don’t care.

The skirt was (I thought) squarely in both camps. A simple cotton knit that looked like it would hit just at the knee and perhaps hug the figure just a bit. For $10, it was worth the gamble. I upped the ante considerably by packing it to wear to work today, having not tried it on even at home, and being that on Mondays I go to the yoga studio in the morning and go straight to work from there. Go boldly, discount fashionista!

So imagine my surprise when I went to put on this cute little skirt only to realize it had a built in shelf bra and was, in fact, a dress. A very short, very tight dress. Since it was morning and I had exercised, but had not yet eaten, I actually kind of rocked it. Except of course that I’m 36, so I looked like a 19 year old trying to sneak into a club using her mother’s… face.

Some things are just undignified.

The good news is that with my slightly longer top (fortunate pairing!), it’s an adorable skirt, and barely trashy at all.

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