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Soooo big!

February 11, 2014

Because I am an Amazon and Boss, with whom I share an office, is a wee Sprite, the topic of size is a fog forever hanging in the air between us, grazing the top of her head and the middle of my ribs. So once, on a lark (and because I was wearing four inch heels), we marked one another’s hight on the wall near our door. Okay, technically she had to find someone tall enough to mark mine.

People took notice, and wanted their heights marked too. We always oblige. Next to each line, we write the person’s name and a rough description of their shoes. Because science requires accurate measurements and controls.
This is how I know that I am 10″ taller than the CIO, and two inches shorter than the tallest woman in the building.
When the Facilities manager came one day to discuss the rearranging of some cubicles within our department, I thought for sure we were busted. It couldn’t be okay to write all over our wall! Instead, he asked us to mark his height amongst the myriad dashes and scribbles already there.
We all want to know how we measure up to our peers.
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